RE-ADVERTISEMENT :Application to Tanzanian Local Suppliers and Service Providers (LSSP) Database for the Petroleum Subsector During Year 2018

Regulation 38 of the Petroleum (Local Content) Regulations, 2017 (GNN 197 of 5th May 2017), mandates EWURA to maintain a database containing details of local suppliers, service providers and other entities that meet the requirements of Common Qualification System (CQS) in the petroleum industry. CQS means a sole centralized system of pre-qualified service providers in Tanzania’s petroleum sub-sector based on their capacities, capabilities and local content strength to enable ranking and categorization of the service providers as well as tracking and monitoring their performance. Read More:APPLICATION-FOR-PRE-QUALIFICATION-FOR-TANZANIAN-LOCAL-SUPPLIERS-AND-SERVICE-PROVIDERS-IN-PETROLEUM-SUB-SECTOR-003


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