A Call for Stakeholders’ Comments on Competitive Bidding Framework for Solar and Wind SPP

Please be informed that as part of the Second Generation Framework for Small Power Projects (SPP), EWURA has prepared draft competitive bidding framework documents for solar and wind SPP, and therefore wishes to circulate the draft documents to stakeholders for comments. The Second Generation SPP Framework covers the development of small hydro, biomass, wind, and solar energy projects of capacity ranging from 100kW up to 10MW. The Framework is based on two approaches:  (i) a Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (“REFIT”) approach for small hydro and biomass (not grown-biomass energy plantation) projects; and (ii) a competitive bidding approach for wind and solar projects.

Your comments will be used to finalize the competitive bidding framework for solar and wind SPP, which will then be tabled to the Board for approval and thereafter the first bid round will commence immediately after publishing the Framework in the Government Gazette. Kindly send your comments by email to either: info@ewura.go.tz or  chibulunje@ewura.go.tz before 15th January 2016. A stakeholders meeting will be conducted on 18th January 2015 at EWURA offices located at the address below from 10:00hrs.


Draft Concept Paper – Wind and Solar SPP Solicitation 2015

Draft RFQ – Wind and Solar SPP Solicitation 2015


MASTER Draft RFProposal – Wind and Solar SPP Solicitation

MASTER Draft RFP Wind Technical Documents

MASTER Draft RFP Solar Technical Documents



Reviewed SPP Competitive Bidding Forms

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