Employment Opportunities: Senior Electricity Inspector and Office Attendant posts

EWURA has the Senior Electricity Inspector and Office Attendant vacancies for which suitably qualified Tanzanians are invited to apply. Apply  by 22nd May 2020.

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29 thoughts on “Employment Opportunities: Senior Electricity Inspector and Office Attendant posts

    1. Dear Amina,
      Kindly apply for the advertised post. If you meet required qualifications you will be contacted.

  1. I look forwad to work as office attendant in Estern Zone, it is my big hope that i will get the chance

  2. I was asking for the results of water quality analyst for the people applied for this position

    1. Dear Mr Mussa,
      Kindly refer instructions in the job advert. ONLY shortlisted candidates are contacted. If you are among, you will be contacted.

  3. Natumaje maombi ya kuomba kazi maana hapa hamna email, pia nashindwa kuaply online maana nakosa sehemu ya kuingilia au naleta ofisi moja moja?

      1. Please I need feedback if they consider my application or I loss that chance because am not being contacted

    I am writing to respectfully request a possibility of transfer in your organization from Local Government Authority to Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority because Iam interested to work with EWURA. I have an experience in the finance and accounting.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    1. Dear Emmanuel,
      Kindly note EWURA does not have transfer vacancies . Please keep in touch with our website , so that you can apply for advertised posts in your area of specialty.

  5. I have applied for Electrical license since 09 February 2020 i have done all the procedures but till now i am waiting for the result. What is wrong it has been a long time?

    1. Dear Hungu,
      Kindly let us work on and we shall respond. You may wish to send us your mobile number for easy of response. You may also call our toll free 0800110030 for more clarification.
      Thank you

  6. Nahitaji kujua kama mtu anaweza kuomba nafasi ya kazi hapo EWURA au mpaka yatoke matangazo ya kazi?
    Pia mfanyakazi wa Serikali kuu anaweza akaomba?


    1. Miryana
      Unaweza kuomba kazi pale EWURA inapotangaza kuwa na nafasi.
      Mfanyakazi wa Serikali KUU pia anaweza kuomba.

  7. Za kazi,
    Mimi ninahitwa COSTANTINO muhitimu wa shahada ya Ukutubi na Usimamizi wa Taarifa (Bachelor of Library and Information Management). Je ninaweza kupata nafasi ya intern kwa upande wa records management katika taasisi yako?
    Samahani kwa usumbufu na kazi njema.

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