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General Information

The Electricity Act, Cap. 131 gives EWURA mandates to perform both technical and economic regulation of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in Tanzania Mainland pursuant to Section 5 and 6 of the Act. This includes protecting stakeholders’ interests and ensuring service providers’ financial viability is sustained. Therefore ensures in achieving these objectives, EWURA, among other things, issues licenses, formulates and enforces quality codes and standards, reviews and determines rates and charges, approves Power Purchase Agreements, ensures security of supply, energy efficiency, and promotes effective competition and economic efficiency.

The Electricity Supply industry in Tanzania is dominated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) which is a vertically integrated utility, wholly owned by the Government operating in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, supply and cross border trade activities. Other players in electricity generation includes Songas Limited, Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL), Tanzania Plantation Company Limited (TPC), Mwenga Hydro Limited, Tulila Hydro, Yovi Hydro Power Company Limited, Tanganyika Wattle Company Limited (TANWAT), Ngombeni Power Limited, Darakuta and Symbion Power Tanzania Limited. Furthermore, Rural Power Development Limited (RPDL) and Andoya Hydro Electric Power Company (AHEPO) are engaged in distribution and supply activities. There is also small power project that are registered to be operating bellow one megawatt.


  1. Generation

Electricity generation Installed capacity is 1,518.2MW (1,461.06 for main grid and 57.14 for off-grid). This includes main grid power plants from TANESCO (561.84MW – hydro, 619.32MW- natural gas, and 74.64MW – HFO/GO), Songas 189MW – natural gas, and 16.36MW power plant from small power projects. It also includes off grid power plant from TANESCO 49.86MW and small power project – 57.14MW.

List of Grid and off grid power plants.

2. Transmission

Electricity transmission network comprised of 5,646.27km of transmission lines all owned by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). This includes; 543km of 66kv, 1,672.57km of 132kV, 2,760.7km of 220kV, 670km of 400kV.

List of Transmission Lines.

3. Distribution

Electricity Distribution Network comprised of 103,663.86km of which 103,289.36km are owned for TANESCO, 351km for Mwenga Power Services Limited and 23.5 for Andoya Hydro Electric Power Company Limited.

List of Distribution Lines.

The main power plants connected to the main grid and isolated grid are summarized in Table 1

Electricity Regulatory Information and documents:

Tanzania Electricity Regulatory Information Booklet.pdf

Model Power Purchase Agreements

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