EWURA is mandated to carry out both technical and economic regulation of the electricity sub-sector. This mandate is derived from EWURA Act, Cap. 414 and the Electricity Act, Cap.131. Promotion of least cost and security of supply is among the functions of EWURA stipulated in Section 6 of the Electricity Act, Cap.131. Section 5 of the Electricity Act states the powers of EWURA regarding regulation of electricity sub-sector among which is to award licences to entities undertaking or seeking to undertake a licensed activity, approve and enforce tariffs and fees charged by licensees, approve licensees’ terms and conditions of electricity supply and approve initiation of procurement of new electricity supply installation. Section 8 of Cap. 131 states activities that require to be licenced, Section 23 of Cap. 131 states EWURA’s mandates on tariff settings, while Section 25 of Cap. 131 states the mandate given to EWURA when it comes to approval of power purchase agreements.

Policy, Laws and Regulations

Regulation of electricity sub-sector is guided by ;

National Energy Policy, 2015

EWURA Act Cap 414

Electricity Act Cap. 131

The Electricity (General) Regulations, 2011.

The Tanzania Extractive Industries (Transparency and Accountability) Act, 2015, and

The Electricity (Market Re-Organization and Promotion of Competition) Regulations, 2016


To facilitate implementation of these legislation, EWURA Act (S. 40) gives EWURA powers to make rules with respect to regulated services and supply.

Since its establishment, EWURA has developed and put into operation various rules related to regulation of electricity sector in mainland Tanzania. The rules currently in force include

The Electricity (Generation, Transmission and Distribution Activities) Rules, 2018 GN 442

The Electricity (NET-METERING) Rules, 2018, GN  76

 The Electricity (Development of Small Power Projects) Rules, 2018- GN  77

EWURA (Tariff Application and Rate Setting) Rules 2017, GN 452

The Electricity (Grid Distribution Codes) Rules 2017, GN 451

Electricity (Supply Services) Rules 2017, GN 4

The Electricity (Procurement of Power Projects and Approval of Power Purchase Agreements) Rules 2017


The Electricity System Operations Services Rules 2016, GN 324

The Electricity Market Operations Services_ Rules 2016, GN 325

The Electricity (Electrical Installation Services) Rules, 2015

Kanuni za huduma ya ufungaji umeme, 2015