EWURA Strategic Plan

The Five Year  Strategic  Plan ( 2021-22 – 2025-26) has been developed through an interactive and participatory processes. Through a series of interactive strategic planning workshops, EWURA’s functions and its operations were diagnosed bringing out the key issues that impact on the service delivery by EWURA, its strengths and weaknesses. The interactive process aimed at creating a common understanding and buy-in of both the strategic planning process and its eventual outputs.

The strategic planning workshops entailed conducting analysis of the following:

(a) the background of EWURA;

(b) EWURA’s mandated roles and functions;

(c) assessment of performance of the previous Strategic Plan including conducting an analysis of recent initiatives, achievements and challenges thereof;

(d) stakeholders’ analysis;

(e) organizational scan; and

(f) trend analysis.

EWURA’s diagnosis came out with the following critical issues:

(a) During the planning period EWURA will constantly need to meet emerging new challenges and government directives. EWURA shall always align itself to meet these new challenges and directives.

(b) Cross-cutting issues which are: gender mainstreaming; good governance practices; HIV/AIDS; non-communicable diseases; staff health and fitness; drug and alcohol abuse, and environmental protection will continue to be addressed and strengthened in this Strategic Plan.

(c) For EWURA to meet key stakeholders expectations, the Authority will need to adopt strategies that will enhance the Authority’s ability to capture, analyse and disseminate information for decision making. Furthermore, EWURA shall need to establish a system of obtaining information from regulated sectors in order to regulate effectively while at the same time transparently committing service levels and standards to be expected by its stakeholders (Client service charter and getting feedback).

(d) The government continues to develop measures to enhance doing business in Tanzania. To complement that effort, EWURA shall continue to develop well-prepared regulatory tools which are pre-requisites for attracting investments in the regulated sectors.

(e) In order to address inadequate investments in the regulated sectors, EWURA shall intensify its efforts of facilitating private sector participation and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

(f) Human capital issues including staff development, engagements, embedding institutional culture, re-tooling, recruitment, retention and working environment, will continue to be critical to ensure that EWURA is capable of discharging its functions at an acceptable speed and quality.

(g) Financing of EWURA is another priority area for this Strategic Plan because as EWURA’s operations expand, financing will be more critical. It is crucial for EWURA to become financially sustainable as provided in the EWURA Act, Cap 414 of the Laws.

(h) The Public has got to know and participate in the process of regulating the energy and water sectors. Public education and awareness will continue to be addressed in this Strategic Plan.


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