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General Information

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is an autonomous multi-sectoral regulatory Authority established by Cap 414 . In discharging its duties and functions on petroleum sub-sector, the Authority is obliged to comply and enforce the Petroleum Act, 2015, Cap 392 that is a sector’s legislation.

Under these instruments,  the Authority is mandated to regulate the Mid and Downstream petroleum sub-sector in Tanzania Mainland, covering technical, economic and safety regulatory functions. Regulatory functions that are implemented by EWURA in this sub sector are geared to:

  1. Monitor for the sake of ensuring security and quality of petroleum products supply in the country;
  2. Optimize costs in respect of procurement, storage, transportation and distribution of petroleum products;
  3. Attract investment through licensing in the petroleum mid and downstream operations, thus helping to ensure a reliability in the supply of petroleum products throughout the country;
  4. Create a level playing field to protect the interest of efficient service providers or suppliers; and
  5. Implement government policies as outlined in the Energy Policy framework.

The ultimate goal of EWURA (the Authority) is to protect the interests of consumers, efficient suppliers and the government, which together are key Authority’s stakeholders.




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