Information Centre

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Act (Cap. 414 ), section 6 (e) stipulates that it is a duty of the Authority to enhance public knowledge, awareness and understanding of regulated sectors, including the rights and obligations, ways in which complaints and disputes may be initiated and resolved; and the duties and functions of EWURA.

In order to balance the public expectations, a well planned public outreach is a prerequisite, as it is an integral part of the Authority’s functions in order to enhance public knowledge, awareness and understanding of the regulated sectors

Therefore, EWURA’s information centre is a gateway to regulatory information about the four sectors it regulates, which are Electricity, Petroleum, Natural Gas and Water and Sanitation.

EWURA, through its core value of transparency and in compliance with Section 24 of the EWURA Act Cap. 414, aims at ensuring that the entire local and international community is well and timely informed about its operations and documentation through its physical Public Access Register as well as this internet portal.


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