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NATIONALITY:           Tanzanian

ADDRESS:                   Email:

Telephone:       255 -784325170, 255-767325170


OF BIRTH:  06 March, 1955, Urambo District, Tabora Region – Tanzania


SEX AND MARITAL STATUS:  Male, Married with five Children

LANGUAGES:   Kiswahili, English and French

FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE:  Management; Urban Economics; Energy Regulation

PROFESSIONAL AND STATUS: Multi disciplinary expertise including:


                         Certified Public Private Partnership (PPP) Specialist

                         Asset Management Consultant

                         Regulator

                         Arbitrator

                         Registered Valuer

                         Certified Rating Tax Expert




Change agent in the economic reform process in Tanzania and Africa.  Major accomplishments include the following;

    Facilitation of the transformation of the Ardhi Institute into a University College.

           Introducing market reforms in the National Housing Corporation turning it from an ailing parastatal in the 1990`s to being one of the most sustainable parastatals and a pioneer in Public Private Partnership (PPPS) in Tanzania.

           Championing the establishment of a modern competition and regulatory regime in the infrastructure and utility sector in Tanzania.

      Establishment and management of the Energy & Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) into a respected, World Class Regulatory Authority


        A Respected Leader of Utility Regulation in Africa


           Entrepreneur.  Sitting on the Board of the following Small and Medium Size Enterprises – Shands Co. Ltd (Real Estate); Harmas Co. Ltd (Mining and Construction Equipment Leasing); Big Horns Ranch (Ranching).



(a)       MSc. Appraisal (Reading, U.K.) – (1982)

(b)       Diploma in Estate Management and Valuation (Ardhi Institute – Tanzania) – (1979) (c)       Certified Public Private Partnership Specialist, Loughborough University/1P3 (2008)


(II)     Minor

(a)       Certificate in Arbitration (Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators) (2005) (b)       Electricity Sector Regulation (Oslo, Norway) June, 2002.

(c)       Certificate in Infrastructure Finance (The World Bank Institute, 2003)

(d)       Certificate in Utility Regulation and Strategy (university of Florida, USA 2002)

(e)       Certificate in Residential and Commercial Property Management (American Management Institute, Atlanta Campus, 1996)

(f)        Certificate in Corporate Management (AOTS, Tokyo, Japan, 1995) (g)       Certificate in French Language (Alliance Francaise, 1988)


(III)    Long Duration Workshops and Seminars

(a)       Electricity Sector Regulation (2 weeks)  (Oslo, Norway) 2004

(b)       Competition and Electricity Markets in Africa (2 weeks) – organized by the OECD, 2002. (c)       Urban Transportation (3 weeks) – Lumumba University, Moscow, 1991.

(d)       Physical Planning of Urban Infrastructure (1 week) – Centre for Housing Studies, Dar es Salaam – 1989.


(IV)     High Profile International Exposure

(a)       Best Practices in Competition and Infrastructure Regulation (3 weeks) each in the following countries; Australia, Bolivia and UK) – (2002); Malaysia and Singapore (2006); UK, New Zealand and India 2007; Argentina and Brazil (2008); Australia and Indonesia (2009); Barbados and Guyana (2010); Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica (2011); UK and Portugal (2012); Turkey and Hungary (2013)

(b)       Privatization and the US Economy (3 weeks) – organized by the US State Department, USA, 2003.


                        Fully Registered Land Economist (F.R.S. (T);

                        Fellow of the Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (F.I.S.T);

                        Corporate member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation of the UK (IRRV);

                        Fellow of the Tanzania Institution of Valuers and Estate Agents (FITIVEA);

                        Registered International Member of the American Institute of Appraisers (RIM);

                        Member, African Real Estate Society (A MAFRES)

                        Associate, Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators

                        Certified Public Private Partnership Specialist (US)



1062 – 1968:               Primary School, Urambo – Tabora

1968 – 1972:               Milambo Secondary School “O” Level – First Division

1973 – 1974:               Ihungo High School, “A” Level – First Division

1976 – 1979:               Ardhi Institute, Diploma in Estate Management & Valuation (Top of the class final two years)

1981 – 1982:               University  of  Reading,  UK;  Master  of  Science  Degree  in  Urban  Economics




Regulatory Coordinator at the Presidential Parastatal Sector Reform Commission (PSRC)

3rd Floor, Sukari House, Ohio Street, P.O. Box 9252, DAR ES SALAAM


Tel:      255 21 213483

Cel:      255 741 325170

Responsible for the coordination of national efforts that culminated in the establishment of the following competition and infrastructure regulatory authorities:-

  1. 1. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) (to regulate electricity, natural gas,

petroleum, water and waste severage sectors)

  1. 2. Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) (to regulate road, railway and maritime transport)
  2. 3. Tanzania Civil Aviation (TCAA) – (air transport, aeronautical airport services, and air navigation


  1. 4. Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) (to regulate telecommunications, postal services, broadcasting, ICT applications, radio spectrum).
  2. 5. Fair Competition Commission (FCC)
  3. 6. Fair Competition Tribunal (FTB)


Varied experience in academic, management as well as consultancy matters at both national and international levels.  Details of the same are therefore presented in three parts, i.e. academic, managerial and consultancy areas as follows;


(I)       Working Experience (Academic)


1979 – 1994     –          Rose through the ranks from Tutorial Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

1993 – 1996     –          External Examiner, University of Nairobi (for the BA in Land Economics


1993 – 1996:               External  Examiner,  University  of  Nairobi  (for  the  MA  in  Housing Administration Course)

1996     –                     Evaluator of papers / research reports/publications of all staff in the Department of Land Management and Valuation of the University of College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS), for the purpose of recategorising them as University staff.

1990 – 1993                Director of Studies and Vice Principal, Ardhi Institute.

2000 – 2003                External Examiner for the B.Sc. degree in Land Management Valuation of the University of Dar es Salaam.


Major accomplishments:

Revision of academic curricula for various courses taught at the college; improvement of faculty, enhancement of academic profile of the institute that culminated in its elevation to a University of

Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS), a constituent college of the University of Dar es Salaam and later into a fully fledged Ardhi University.


(II)     Working Experience (Managerial)

Part one – General

1977 – 1979           –          President, Ardhi Institute Students Organization (ARISO)

1985 – 1990           –          Secretary, Technical and Education Committee of the National

Council for Professional Surveyors (NCPS)

1990 – 1991           –          Head, Department of Land Management and Valuation, Ardhi Institute

1992 – 1994           –          Vice Principal, Ardhi Institute

1994 – 1997           –          Director General of the National Housing Corporation

1997 – 1998           –          Regional Manager, Eastern Africa with the African Housing Fund (AHF).  In charge of all AHF operations in eleven countries, i.e. Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Seycheles, Tanzania and Uganda.

1999                     –          Land Resources Management Consultant – Ministry and Human Settlements Development

2000 – 2001           –          Lead Consultant, Proper Consult (T) Ltd, One of the four Leading

Asset Management Consulting firms in Tanzania.


2001 – 2005           –          Regulatory Co-coordinator, Presidential Parastatal Sector Reform


2006 – 2013           –          Director General of the Energy & Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA)

2016 – Present       –          Chairman, Hercules Enterprises Limited


Major accomplishments:

           Turning-around the then ailing National Housing Corporation (NHC) into a viable parastatal. To date, the NHC follows by and large, the development plan that was put in place during my tenure as C.E.O.

           Designed and supervised the implementation of a low cost housing programme in Uganda comprising provision of infrastructure (water, roads, electricity) to a new settlement in Arua, Northern Uganda.

    Establishment and Management of EWURA as a respected World Class Regulatory Authority.


Part Two – Board Room Experience

1997 – 79    –          Member, Ardhi Institute Governing Council

1990 – 1997 –          Member, National Council of Professional Surveyors of Tanzania (NCPS)

1991 – 1996 –          Vice President and Member, Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (IST)

1991 – 1996 –          Member, National Rating Tribunal of Tanzania

1996                        Member, Kisarawe Brick Factory Ltd (under majority ownership of U.E. & H Ltd Mbezi Tiles

1994 -1996 –             member, TACONA Ltd

1994 – 1996 –          Board Member, Ardhi Institute Governing Council

1995-1997               Member, Board of Directors, National Housing Corporation

1993 to date            Chairman, Board of Directors of Proper Consult (T) Ltd

1993 – 1996            Member, Board of Directors, Dar es Salaam Teachers College

1992 – 1994            Editor – In Chief and Chairman of the Editorial Board; Journal of Building and Land Development – ISSN 0856 – 05001

1994-2004               President, Tanzania Institution of Valuers and Estate Agents

2000-2002               Secretary, Steering Committee for the Construction Industry Trust Fund(CITF)

2002-2002               Member, Governing Board of the African Real Estate Society (AFRES)

2002-2005               Chairman, National Appeals Tribunal establishment under the Professional Surveyors Registration No. 2 of 1977.

2006-2013               Member of the EWURA Board of Directors

2008-2012               Member  of  the Tanzania  Insurance  Regulatory  Authority`s  Board  of directors

2008 todate             Member of the Board of Directors Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB)

2008-2013               Member,  Executive  Committee  of  the  Regional  Electricity  Regulatory

Association (RERA)

2010-2013               Member, Executive Committee of the Eastern & Southern African Water

Regulators Association (ESAWAS)

2009-2013               Member, Executive Committee of the Eastern & Southern African Energy

Regulatory Association

2012-2013               Chairman, African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR)

2012-2013               Chairman, Independent Regulatory Board (under the East African Power Pool).

2015 – Present:       Vice Chairman, Board of Directors of the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) (Board dissolved after 38 days for problems not associated with our tenure).

2017-2020               Member of the Board of Directors of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA).

2015 – Present         President, Ardhi University Convocation (Comprising alumni and staff –current and past of the Ardhi University)

2016 – Present         Chairman, Hercules Enterprises Limited



1. Mrs. Lucy Sondo,

Partner – Abenry Law Chambers Email: Tel:       0784 689696/0767 689696


2. Mr Felix Ngamlagosi, Former Director General,

Energy & Water Utilities Regulatory Authority

P.O. Box 72175, Dar es Salaam Email: Tel: 0765 5110060

0787 615038


3. Eng. Bashir Mrindoko,

(Ex PS – Ministry of Water) P.O. Box 76949


Tel.       0754 784958

HOBBIES:    I am a gym enthusiast and an avid reader of newspapers.

Visits: 288