Dr. James Andilile

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Dr. James Andilile

Principal  Domicile  Place:        Rungwe, Mbeya


Contacts:                                    P.O. BOX 14969

M-phone +255 783 937716

E-mail: andjlHe@gmafl.com

Dar es Salaam




  1. 1. 1 EDUCATION

2017-2021:    PhD (Finance),   Open University  of Tanzania.


2005-2007:  MBA (Finance),  University  of Dar Es Salaam


2002-2003:   Certified    Public Accountant  (CPA),  National  Board of Accountants  and Auditors


1~98-2001:  B.COM (Accounting)  Degree (Hons.],  upper 2nd Class, University  of Dar Es Salaam


  • 1995-1997: Advanced Certificate  of Secondary Education Examination  (ACSEE),Umbwe


Secondary School


1991-1994:  Ordinary  Certificate   of Secondary Education Examination  (CSEE),1994, Ndembela Secondary School.

  • 1984-1990: Primary Education Certificate  (PEC), 1990, Nkokwa Primary School.



lit     December 2018 – present:   Chief Accountant,  Joint  Finance Commission, Ministry  of Finance and Planning.

  • April 2012-December 2018: Assistant Commissioner for Energy, Ministry of Energy


June 2016-January 2017: Acting  Commissioner for  Energy and Petroleum  Affairs,  Ministry  of




February 2016-January 2017: Acting  Director-General  of Petroleum  Upstream  Regulatory


Authority   (PURA).



  • July 2014-January 2015: Acting Managing Director, Tanzania  Petroleum    Development Corporation    (TPDC)


  • July 2012-July 2014: Chairman of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals  Internal  Audit Committee.


  • November 2012-September 2015: Board Chairman of Petroleum Importation   Coordinator  now Petroleum    Bulk  Procurement    Agency  (PBPA)


  • March 2014- January 2017: Board of Directors, Puma  Energy  Tanzania


  • November 2008-April 2012: Manager Financial Analysis and Modelling, Energy  and  Water Utilities    Regulatory    Authorities      (EWURA)


  • April 2004-November 2008: Bank Examiner, Banking Supervision, Bank  of  Tanzania.


  • November 2001-April 2004: Senior Auditor at KPMG.


  • July 2001-November 2001: Bank Officer [ROB Bank.




  1. a) I led the development of the Electricity  Supply Reform Strategy and Roadmap (2014 -2025) that were geared at the Financial and Technical turnaround  of TANESCOin 2014;
  1. b) I was among the brain that helped the Bank of Tanzania prepare  the Risk-Based Framework for supervising Banks in Tanzania in 2006;
  2. c) I was among the key persons that  helped EWURAprepare  the  Petroleum  Products Pricing Template  and tariff   Setting Guidelines in 2009;
  1. d) I was entrusted to establish the Petroleum  Bulk Procurement  System as the Board Chairman of Petroleum  Importation   Coordinator  from 2012 to 2015;
  2. e) I championed the establishment of the Petroleum  Upstream Regulatory Authority  – PURA; f)   I coordinated  TPDC’s reforms,  separating commercial  and regulatory  functions  specifically; g)  I  participated    in   the   preparation,    monitoring,    evaluation,    and  reviews   of  policies, regulations,  laws, and institutional   setup of institutions   under the Ministry  of Energy;
  1. h) I was responsible for projects  investment  needs assessment and focal  contact  person with

Energy Development  Partners Group;

  1. i) I coordinated  institutions    under  the  Ministry  of  Energy;  TPDC, TANESCO, REA, PURA, EWURA,TGDC, and PBPA;
  2. j) I facilitated   the  preparation   of the  Power System Master  Plan updates,  the  Natural  Gas Utilization  Master Plan in 2016;
  1. k) Offered public  lectures  in several institutions   including  National  Defence College (2016-2017) and REPOA’sworkshops;  and
  1. l) I successfully helped the Ministry  source loans and grants from  the World  Bank and AfDB: Development  Policy Operations  (US$400Million),  Energy Sector Capacity  Building Program (US$ 20 million)   and Tanzania  Rural Electricity   Expansion Programme  (US$ 200 million); from World Bank and Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program In Tanzania   (US$ 50 million) and Tanzania Power Sector Reform and Governance Support Programme (US$ 5 million) from AfDB.



  • Strategic Focused: See the big picture, set a direction,   make an effective   decision for improved  performance.
  • People-Centred: Build, inspire,  empower,  partner  and lead Teams to deliver  the results.
  • Result Oriented: Priorities,  plan,  execute timely  with  due consideration  of value for money and quality.
  • Experience: Dependable experience in the Financial and Energy sectors.


  • INTERNATIONAL VISITORS’ LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: In  2018 and  through   USAID, I was privileged  to obtain  a one-month  scholarship to attend  the  program in Washington DC, USA. The  program  brings  together    people  from  more  than  20  developing   countries   to  share experiences  and shape their  future  policies  in the  energy sector.  The program specifically promotes  cleaner  sources of  energy,  mitigates  climate  impact  and promotes  international efforts  to address global climate  change.
  • BEST STUDENT IN FINANCIAL .MANAGEMENT EXAMS: The Award was conferred by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors in 2003 when graduating  as Certified  Public Accountant  (CPA).
  • BEST STUDENT IN COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS: The Award was conferred by Ndembela Secondary School at the Form Four Graduation Ceremony in 1990.




  • National Board of Accountants and Auditors – Fellow Certified Public Accountant  (FCPA)


  • Tanzania Association of Accountants



  • Expository Training on Combined Cycle Power Plant, Tokyo Japan; 21-27 January 2018.
  • Shaping the Future with EDCFand KSP& the 21st EDCFAnnual Workshop, Seoul, Korea; 5- 8 September 2017.
  • Institutional Cooperation Program; Upstream Petroleum Subsector workshop,  Oslo Norway; 21-25 November 2016.
  • LPG and CNG operations expository study, GAIL, Mumbai,  India;  16-23 September 2015.
  • Power Purchase Agreements for enhanced Private Sector Participation in Renewable Energy in Africa,  African  Legal Support Facility,  Nairobi,  Kenya; 27-31 January 2014.
  • Member of Official Delegation of H.E Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,   President of the United Republic of Tanzania to the People’s Republic of China, Beijing;  21-26 October 2014.
  • Power Sector Reforms Study tour, Bangkok, Thailand; 2-18 July 2014.
  • Oil and Gas Study tour, Delhi, India; 21 Sept to 3rd October 2013.
  • The geothermal study tour, AfDB, Nairobi, Kenya 7-14 August 2013.
  • Expository Investment tour, Beijing China; 21-27 May 2013.
  • International Training Program on utility   regulations  and strategy,  PURC/World Bank, Gainesville,  Florida;  1-18 October  2010.
  • Capacity Enhancement Program on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism”   Train the Trainers”  workshop Windhoek,  Namibia;  12-16 May 2008.
  • OSFI’s Banking Supervision Workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; 14-17 May 2007.
  • OSFI’s Inhouse Banking Supervision Seminar Ottawa, Ontario; 15-19 May 2006.
  • Risk Management Framework in Financial Institutions,   Nairobi,  Kenya; 12-16 December 2005.
  • Fundamental of Interest Rates Risk Management Seminar; Chicago Illinois; 6-10 August 2006.
  • Basel II for Bank Examiners, Bank of Tanzania;  14-18 March 2005. e Basic Banking Supervision,  Bank of Tanzania, Mwanza; 2-14 December 2004.
  • Regional Workshop on Risk-Based Supervision, Resolution of Problem Banks and Non- performing Loans, IMF Arusha, Tanzania; 15-26 November 2004.



Authored  and co-authored  several professional  papers including  the following:-


Andilile,  J.  (2021). Impact  of Reforms on Energy Sector Performance  in Tanzania,  PhD. Thesis, the Open University of Tanzania.


Andilile,  J.  (2021). A Review of the Impact of Reforms on the Financial Viability  and sustainability of Tanzania’s power Sector, Applied  Economics and Finance, Vol. 8, No.6,  November 2021.


Andilile,  J. (2021). A Review of the Impact of Reforms on Investment in Tanzania’s  Power Sector, Open Journal of Business and Management Vo1.9 No.6 November 2021


Andilile,  J.  (2021). Potential   Barriers to  Reforms in Tanzania:  An Empirical  Analysis (submitted for publication).


Andilile,   J.;  Mmari.    D  and  Fjeldstad,   O. (2019).  The   Evolution  and Current  Status of   the “etroleurn  sector in Tanzania,  Governing   Petroleum  Resources, Prospects, and  Challenges for r’anzanta, CMI &  REPOA (Article   in  a Book; Governing  Petroleum   Resources: Prospects and Challenges for Tanzania)


Andilile,   J.;  Mmari.   D  and Fjeldstad,   O. (2019). The Legislative  Landscape in the  Petroleum Sector in Tanzania,   CMI&REPOA(Article  in a Book; Governing Petroleum  Resources: Prospects and Challenges for Tanzania)


Andilile,  J.;  Mmari.   0; Fjeldstad,  0 and Orre, A. (2019). An Overview of the Fiscal Systems for the   Petroleum   Sector  in  Tanzania,     CMI&REPOA (Article   in  a  Book;  Governing  Petroleum Resources: Prospects and Challenges for Tanzania)


Andilile,  J.;  Mmari.   D; Fjeldstad,   0  and Orre, A. (2019). Is the  Current  Fiscal Regime Suitable for  the  Development  of     Tanzania’s  offshore  gas reserves?   CMI&REPOA (Article  in  a Book; Governing Petroleum  Resources: Prospects and Challenges for Tanzania)

Andilile  J,   (2011).  The   Crowding  Out-effect    Hypothesis   arid  its   Relevance   to  Tanzanian

Economy”, submitted  to National  Board of Accountants  and Auditors, Tanzania


Andilile J,  (2009),  “Viability  and  Challenges  of Establishing  Islamic Banking in Tanzania”,   the Accountant   ISS. N!!.856-2636 Vol. 24 N!!.2 of April-June 2009, The National Board of AccG_untants and Auditors, Tanzania


Andilile J,  (2008). Should Monetary  Policy arid Banking Supervision  FUnctions be Separated?’ A structural         Assessment  of   Banking Supervis-ion Modality arid its  implications”   the  Accountant ISSN0856·2636 Vol. 21 Ng.   2  of April-June 2008, The National Board of Accountants  and Auditors, Tanzania


Andilile J,  (2007). Performance   Evaluation  of the Merged Banks in Tanzania.    A dissertation   in partial  fulfilment  of the requirements   for the Degree of Master of Business Administration  at the University of Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania.


Andiltle J, (2001), The Role of Audit in an Emerging Capital Markets.  A paper  presented  in partial fulfilment      of the  requiremehts   fOJ the  Degree of Bachelor of Commerce  and Management  at the University of Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania.






  • Dr Hamisi H. Mwinyimvua, former Permanent  Secretary  Ministry of Energy,  P.O. Box 2000, Dar es Salaam,   Mob: + 255 784471  838 e-mail:  hmwinyin1Vua@yahoo.com


  • Eng. Leonard Masanja, former Permanent  Secretary  Ministry of Energy, P.O. Box 2494, Dodoma,  Mob: + 255767  160055  e-mail:  masanja1960i@gmail.com



I certify  that  the  details  provided  herein  are correct  and a true  reflection  of my credentials.





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