Dr. James Andilile

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Dr. James Andilile


Dr. James Andilile, who serves as Director General of the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority,  has a vast  and long experience in financial and energy sectors. He has worked with several government and private institutions for over 15 years overseeing financial performance, utility regulation, petroleum upstream management with sound knowledge on regulatory matters.


He holds a PhD in Finance from the Open University of Tanzania (2021) an MBA in Finance () from the University  of Dar Es Salaam and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)  Degree (2001], Hons. from the University of Dar es Salaam. Dr James is also a Certified   Public Accountant  (CPA) by the National  Board of Accountants  and Auditors (2003) .

He has attended various professional training and published several papers in finance management and energy regulations.


Dr. Andilile has worked as a Chief Accountant at the Joint  Finance Commission, Ministry  of Finance and Planning; as  an Assistant Commissioner for Energy, Ministry of Energy. He had also acted as an Acting  Commissioner for  Energy and Petroleum  Affairs,  Ministry  of Energy, Acting  Director-General  of Petroleum  Upstream  Regulatory Authority   (PURA) and Acting Managing Director, Tanzania  Petroleum    Development Corporation    (TPDC). He also served as a Board Chairman of Petroleum Importation   Coordinator  now Petroleum    Bulk  Procurement    Agency  (PBPA)

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