Approval and Licencing

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Issuance of Licence and Construction Approvals

Construction Approval

EWURA has the mandate of issuing Construction Approval for any installation related to Mid and Downstream Petroleum sub-sector. Any person intending to construct a petroleum installation or petroleum carriage facility should apply to EWURA in writing, for an approval. On issuing a Construction Approval, EWURA  considers the technical, environmental, health and safety related matters as well as compliance with any other applicable laws.

The application for Construction Approval is  done online through License and Order Information System (LOIS). Apart from applicants’ details registered online, the application for Construction Approval  requires one to upload into the system other relevant documentation as described in the guidance to the applicants for petroleum licences and construction approval.

However, it should be noted that a Construction Approval is not a Licence. Therefore, after completion of construction of a petroleum facility, one should apply for Operation Licence in LOIS.

Below are types of Mid and Downstream petroleum licenses issued by EWURA:

A petroleum licensing process starts when the applicant uploads and submits a complete application in LOIS.

Guidance to the applicant of licences and construction approvals

After submission of complete application:

  • The application shall be advertised in newspapers for public comments;
  • Pre-licensing inspection of the facility shall be conducted to check its conformity to the standards;
  • The evaluation report shall be prepared and forwarded to the Board for grant or denial of a licence; and
  • The applicant shall be informed on the Board’s decision.

EWURA shall grant a licence to the applicant within sixty days from the date of receiving a complete application, if satisfied that all requirements for a licence have been complied with pursuant to Section 133 (1) of the   Petroleum Act, Cap 392.

The list of licensed operators is as shown below:

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