Electricity Licensing and Registration

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Licensing and Registration

Pursuant to Section 8 of the Electricity Act, Cap 131, any person intending to undertake generation, transmission, distribution, supply, system operation, cross-border trade in electricity, physical and financial trade in electricity and electrical installation activities shall be required to apply to the Authority for a licence unless that person has been exempted by the Authority or that activity is exempted under sub section (3) or (4) of section 18 of the Act. Section 5 of the  Act, mandates the Authority to award licences to entities undertaking or seeking to undertake a licenced activity.

Section 37 of the Electricity (Development of Small Power Projects) Rules 2020, Government Notice No. 491, published on 3rd July 2020 requires Small Power Producers, Small Power Distributors or a Very Small Power Producers not to commence commercial operation unless the project has been licensed or registered by the Authority, as appropriate. The licence is issued for electricity activities above 1 MW and registration is for electricity activities below 1 MW.

(a) Application for a Licence or Registration.

Application for licence or registration is done by filling in the application form online through License and Order Information System (LOIS) which is accessible through online link, “LOIS System”. The guideline for applying can be downloaded through  Electricity Licence Application Guideline-July 2021

(b) Licenced Service Providers

(c) Electrical Installation Personnel.

(d) Registered Entities.

(e) Revoked Licences.

  • Revoked Licenses.

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