Electricity Infrastructure

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Electricity Infrastructure

EWURA regulates the Electricity Supply Industry in Tanzania Mainland which is mainly dominated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) a vertically integrated utility, wholly owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania operating in electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply and cross border electricity trading activities.

Apart from TANESCO there are other licensees participating in electricity generation activities for sale including Songas Limited, Tanzania Plantation Company Limited, Mwenga Hydro Limited, Tulila Hydro Electric Company Limited, Yovi Hydro Power Company Limited, Tanganyika Wattle Company Limited, and Darakuta Hydropower Development Company Limited. There are twelve active licensees which are generating electricity for their own use in the manufacturing and mining industries.

In addition, Mwenga Power Services Limited formerly known as Rural Power Development Limited and Andoya Hydro Electric Power Company are engaged in distribution and supply of electricity for sale. There are also mini grid developers that are registered to be operating below 1MW and are supplying power especially to the off grid areas which are currently not connected to the main grid.

(a) Generation

EWURA regulates electricity generation activities whereby as of June 2019 the total installed capacity was 1,601.05 MW of which 1,565.72MW is for main grid and 35.33MW for off-grid.

In the main grid TANESCO contributes 561.84MW from hydro, 703.72MW from natural gas, 74.50MW from Heavy Fuel Oil, and 49.64MW from Industrial Diesel Oil.  Songas contributes 189MW from Natural Gas, and Small Power Projects contributes 22.36MW of which 12.7MW are from hydro and 10.5MW from Biomass. For the case of off-grid, TANESCO contributes 35.328MW from Heavy Fuel Oil and Industrial Diesel Oil.

In addition, EWURA regulates electricity generation activities with installed capacity of 245.439MW from licensees who generates electricity for their own use in the manufacturing and mining industries. Furthermore, EWURA has registered 61 Very Small Power Producers (VSPP) as of August 2019 with installed capacity of 3.19903MW. The VSPP supply electricity to rural communities through Mini-Grids.

Grid and Off-Grid Power Plants

Power plant for Own Use

Registered electricity generation service providers

(b) Transmission

The electricity transmission network comprised of 5,646.27km mainly owned and operated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). The main transmission lines includes 543km of 66kV, 1,672.57km of 132kV, 2,760.7km of 220kV and 670km of 400kV.

(c) Distribution

The electricity distribution network comprised of 103,663.86km of which 103,289.36km are owned for TANESCO, 351km for Mwenga Power Services Limited and 23.5 for Andoya Hydro Electric Power Company Limited.

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