Electricity Infrastructure

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Electricity Infrastructure

EWURA regulates the Electricity Supply Industry in Tanzania Mainland which is mainly dominated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) a vertically integrated utility, wholly owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania operating in electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply and cross border electricity trading activities.  Apart from TANESCO there are  eleven  licensees participating in electricity generation activities for sale. In addition, there are sixteen licensed entities , which generate electricity for, own use.

Furthermore, there are three registered entities generating electricity from hydro for sale in bulk to TANESCO while  six registered entities selling electricity to customers with capacity less than 1MW which generate electricity from solar PV and sell electricity to customers through mini grids developed in off-grid areas and  two registered entities generating electricity for own use.

(a) Generation

The Authority regulates electricity generation activities whereby as of June 2022, total installed capacity  for entities carrying out electricity activities for sale was 1,732.16MW of which 1,694.55MW was from main grid and 37.61MW from off-grids.

(b) Transmission

The electricity transmission network comprised of 6,139km of transmission lines and 59grid substations mainly owned and operated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). The main transmission lines include 670km of 400kV; 3,225km of 220kV; 1,701km of 132kV and 543km of 66kV.

(c) Distribution

The electricity distribution network for licensed entities comprised of 148,983.23km of which 148,544.23km is owned by TANESCO and 439.00km is for Mwenga Power Services Limited. In addition, the electricity distribution network for registered entities  is 596.41 km.

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