Petroleum Licences

Petroleum Licences

Any person wishing to undertake mid and downstream petroleum activities in Tanzania Mainland should apply and obtain EWURA licence. Licensing of petroleum infrastructure involves evaluation of the applications with the purpose of ensuring that all supporting documents meeting the set criteria have been submitted and thereafter conducting pre-licensing inspection of the facilities to check if the facilities meet applicable standards.

In accordance with Section 131 (4) of the Petroleum Act, 2015, Cap 392 any person who undertakes a mid and downstream petroleum activity in Tanzania Mainland without a Licence from EWURA, commits an offence and upon conviction shall be liable to a fine of not less than twenty million shillings or to imprisonment for a term of not less than two years but not more than five years, or both. Below are types of licences that are issued by EWURA:

  • The Petroleum Wholesale Licence;
  • The Petroleum Storage Licence;
  • The Petroleum Retail Licence;
  • The Petroleum Consumer Installation Licence;
  • The Petroleum LPG Wholesale Licence;
  • The Petroleum LPG Distribution Licence;
  • The Petroleum Lubricant Blending Licence;
  • The Petroleum Lubricant Wholesale Licence;
  • The Petroleum Lubricant Distribution Licence;
  • The Petroleum Bulk Importation Coordination Licence;
  • The Petroleum Marine loading and Offloading Operation Licence;
  • The Petroleum Refinery Operations Licence;
  • The Petroleum Waste Oil Recycling Operations Licence;
  • The Petroleum Pipeline Operations Licence;
  • The Petroleum Bitumen Wholesale Licence; and
  • The Petroleum Petcoke Wholesale Licence.

To apply for a licence, one should fill the Licence application form and submit it to EWURA together with the required supporting documents outlined in the Petroleum Guidance for Submission of Licence or Approvals Applications.

The licensing procedures encompass the following processes:

  • Receipt of a the complete application;
  • Carrying out preliminary evaluation;
  • Advertise the application in newspapers for public comments;
  • Conduct inspection of the facility to check its conformity to the standards;
  • Prepare the evaluation report;
  • Forward the evaluation report to the Board for grant or denial of a licence; and
  • Inform the applicants on the Board decision.

Pursuant to Section 133 (1) of the Petroleum Act, Cap 392, EWURA is required to grant a licence to the applicant within sixty days from the date of receiving a complete application, if satisfied that all requirements for a licence have been complied with.

The list of operators is as shown below:

List of Petroleum Wholesalers

List of Petrol Stations

List of LPG Wholesalers

List of Lubricants Wholesalers

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