PUBLIC NOTICE : Electronic Fiscal Pump Printer (EFPP) Machines

NOTICE is hereby given to all operators of petroleum products retail outlets who have not installed Electronic Fiscal Pump Printer (EFPP) machines at their facilities in accordance with section 80A(1) of the Income Tax Act, Cap 332, R.E 2008 (as amended) to do so within 14 days from the date of issue of this notice. Failure to install EFPP machines contravenes section 240(1)(f)  of the Petroleum Act, Cap 392, Rule 25 of the Petroleum (Retail Operations) Rules, GN No. 168 of 2015, Paragraph 12.1(a)(i) and 12.1(q) of the licence terms and conditions.

Severe legal action shall be taken against all operators of retail stations who will fail to install EFPP machines after expiry of the specified period of 14 days.

Public Notice- EFPP Machine


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