A Call For Stakeholders’ Comments on Bulk Procurement System Tendering Modality

The current tendering modality of cargo by cargo has witnessed a number of challenges including price disparities between petroleum products imported through the three ports of Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara. Based on that, EWURA received a letter from the Ministry of Energy requiring the Authority to conduct an inquiry to collect comments from stakeholders and the public at large, on the existing tendering modality of cargo-by-cargo with an introduction of a weighted average premium computations or product-by-product tendering modality. To be effective, both options would require some amendments to the rules to allow monthly prices computations at the three ports, regardless of receipt of petroleum products at a particular port.

Read More :-Discussion Paper on the Review of Tendering Modality to Harmonisation of Landed Costs of Petroleum Products.


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