Consumer Rights and Obligation

Consumer rights and Obligation

EWURA receive and investigate complaints from consumers against licensed utilities and educate consumers on their rights, obligations.

Consumer rights include:

  • Access to reliable, clean and safe services;
  • Accurate and timely bills;
  • Advance notice on supply interruption;
  • Access to fair, courteous and expeditious complaint resolution;
  • Privacy and confidential information respected and protected.

Consumer obligations include:

  • Pay bills in full, promptly and honestly;
  • Observe the terms of contract;
  • Use utility services responsibly;
  • Report promptly in case of emergencies;
  • Report infrastructure vandalism;

 Consumer’s guidelines to complaint:

Procedure for filing complaint to EWURA against regulated service provider is provided in Rules on Consumer Complaints Settlement Procedure, GN. No. 10 of 2013 .

Who can file a complaint?

  • Any consumer of regulated goods and services can file a complaint against a regulated service provider concerning any matter connected with the supply, possible supply or purported supply of the goods or services.
  • EWURA Consumer Consultative Council (EWURA CCC) or an authorized representative of aggrieved party;
  • A group of people/consumers may file a complaint attaching the following documents:
    • List of names and signatures;
    • Minutes of the meeting with a resolution to file a complaint;
    • name/s of representative/s and contact;

 How do consumer file a complaint?

Before contacting EWURA, Complainant must have contacted the regulated service provider about the matter for settlement. Handling consumer complaint is primarily responsibility of the regulated service provider.

How to sort out problems with the regulated service provider

All service providers have clear procedures for dealing with complaints and should be followed. Complainants are required to fill in a special form or given a special number for future reference and follow up. This can be done through:

  • Writing
  • Personal visit
  • Telephone
  • Email

 If complaining by phone

  • A note of what is to be said must be ready before call;
  • Relevant documents such as bills or letters from service provider must be handy;
  • the name of the person contacted, the date and time and what was said must be noted down;
  • follow up can be made wth a a letter.

Complaining by letter or email or via the internet

  • Inquiry should be made from the service provider as to whom the complaint be addressed;
  • the problem, including key dates and times of the incidents must be explained;
  • copies of evidence such as receipts, letters, bills and photos that support complaint should be attached if possible;
  • the name, address telephone and account number of the complainant must be included in the letter, so that the service provider can respond appropriately.

When making a complaint

 When making a complain the complainant should consider the following:

  • Any document to be sent to service provider must be a copy and not originals;
  • Take meter readings and date, particularly if the complaint concerns billing or supply

How to write a Complaint Letter

When writing a complaint letter, the following must be considered:

  • The problem and information which include location, date, time, bill account number etc;
  • Residential address or automotive registration number in case of petroleum related complaint;
  • The problem should be specific e.g “ I was billed the wrong amount..”;
  • Detailed personal inconvenience experienced e.g injury, expense, distress etc; and
  • Specific action sought e.g compensation , reconnection etc.

What to do if the Service Provider fails to resolve the problem

If the service provider fails to resolve the problem, or if the complainant is dissatisfied with the action the Service Provider has taken, EWURA can be contacted for further assistance. A complaint form is available at EWURA office or can be downloaded from the website. The complaint form must be attached with copies of relevant evidence.

How EWURA handles complaint

Customer Service Unit receives, register and submit complaints to service providers to respond to the matter within 21 days. The unit investigates and attempts to obtain amicable settlement. In the event that it fails to do so it refers the matter to the Division of the Authority for hearing.