National Energy Policy

The National Energy Policy of Tanzania – 2015 provides a comprehensive framework for addressing challenges on mid and down-stream segments.

To address the challenges and achieve the desired policy objectives, the Government has decided to formulate the National Energy Policy, 2015 (NEP, 2015) that will further enhance provision of adequate, reliable and affordable modern energy services to Tanzanians in a sustainable manner. The new policy also provides comprehensive legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for petroleum, electricity, renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as local content issues.


The Petroleum Act, 2015 ( Cap 392) is the principal legislation governing both, upstream and downstream operations the Act was enacted in 2015. some rights and obligations of the licencees are enshrined in a number of implementation agreements. EWURA is empowered under Section 30 of the Petroleum Act, 2015 and Section 7  of the  Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Act Cap 414 to carry out a number of functions and discharge its duties.


The Petroleum (Local Content) Regulations 2017 GN 197

The Petroleum (Natural Gas Pricing) Regulations, 2016



Petroleum (Natural Gas)(Processing) Rules 2019 GN 221

Petroleum (Compressed Natural Gas)(Supply and Marketing Services) Rule 2019 GN 220

Petroleum (Natural Gas)(Supply and Marketing Services) Rules 2019 GN 219

The National (Petroleum and Natural Gas) (Information System) Rules, 2019 GN 184

The Petroleum (Natural Gas) (Regulatory Accounting and Reporting Standards) Rules, 2019 GN 183

The Petroleum (Natural Gas) (Storage) Rules, 2019 GN 182

The Petroleum(Natural gas)(Licensing Fees)Rules 2018 .GN.292

The Petroleum (Natural gas) (procesing) Rules 2018, GN 541

The Petroleum (Natural Gas)(Transmission and Distribution Activities) Rules 2018, GN 176

EWURA (Tariff Application and Rate Setting) Rules 2017, GN 452