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Electrical Installation Personnel

Licensing of electrical installation activities is the requirement of the Cap. 131, Sect. 8. The law has mandated EWURA to licence all electrical installation activities i.e. no electrical installation work (including additions, alterations, repairs and adjustments to existing installations, except such replacement of lamps, fans, switches, and other component parts of the installations in no way alters the capacity and character of the installation) shall be carried out upon the premises or on behalf of any consumer, except by  a person holding an installation  licence issued by EWURA.

To ensure that only qualified persons carry out electrical installation works, licences are issued in accordance with the type of installation (residential, industrial, single phase, three phase), voltage level (low voltage, high voltage), or special works (cable jointing, live-line installation/maintenance works, motor rewinding and cinema operators). The Electrical Installation licences are Classified as follows; A, B, C, D, Wireman , S for special works including motor rewinding, cable jointing and cinema operators, and L for Live Line activities. Click here for applying licence online.